STUDIO peng!

STUDIO peng!

  • Atelier
Rumfordstraße 38, 80469  München

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr 10-6.30pm
Th until 10pm
Sa 20.05. 10am - 2pm

Otherwise Tu, Th, Fr 11am to 6.30pm & by appointment

STUDIO peng! is a multidisciplinary work space and showroom for PHOTOGRAPHY, FASHION & ACCESSORIES. // Handcrafted casual and couture hats by LA VEE. // Fashion and interior accessories made out of special textiles by C/OVER. // Portrait and documentary photography by OLIVER SOULAS. // Portrait, architectural and documentary photography by QUIRIN LEPPERT. // Events, exhibitions, guest designers.

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STUDIO peng!, Rumfordstraße 38, 80469  München

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