Fake it till you make it with the UX Prototyping Ecosystem

Friday, 20/5 17:00 - 18:30

Fake it till you make it with the UX Prototyping Ecosystem

  • Panel discussion
Imago Design GmbH
Dornierstraße 9, 82205 Gilching

Blowing competitors out of the water with the UX Prototyping Ecosystem.

Thank you all, it was a blast!

In this talk we present our UX Prototyping Ecosystem and our MVP XP Sprint approach, a tool-box that helps addressing the time-sensitive challenge of gathering and integrating UX data after testing and evaluation sessions into product development.
To steadily improve experiences, UX research, testing and design iterations are mandatory. These tests can, for example, include VR/AR/Hardware or Flutter UX Prototypes which provide data on how users feel about a product’s hedonic and pragmatic qualities to understand the benefits, limitations and challenges for further improvement of a digital service or product. Based on our extended professional experience gained in the industry, our UX Prototyping Ecosystem has the potential to improve the current commercial UX practice when presenting prototypes to clients.
In this setting, we present our UX Prototyping Ecosystem along with informal study results that indicate the need for more playful and appealing ways to approach IoT product development. Participants of the MCBW can benefit from the talk and get inspirations on how to deal with similar domain specific challenges in their work and see how our UX Prototyping Ecosystem was developed and implemented.

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Imago Design GmbH
Dornierstraße 9
82205 Gilching

Developing and designing electronic products for more than 30 years, Imago Design GmbH offers holistic UXD solutions in an interdisciplinary manner – from the initial idea to the finished product.

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Imago Design GmbH, Dornierstraße 9, 82205 Gilching

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