Living and working together: Yes | No | Maybe
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Saturday, 14/5 14:00 - 17:00

Living and working together: Yes | No | Maybe

  • Panel discussion
Cohaus Kloster Schlehdorf
Kirchstraße 9, 82444 Schlehdorf

Panel discussion and dialogue at Cohaus Schlehdorf: Community is not about a hippie cult or group cuddling. It means friction, exchange, discussion and endurance. How does that benefit the individual?

In our world, where generational households have been replaced by 1-room apartments and open-plan offices by home offices, we are moving further and further away from each other. At the same time, the longing for companionship and joint action is growing.

Especially as creative professionals we work for and with each other, but do we actually know each other and the "others" or have we made ourselves comfortable in our bubbles and spend most of our time adulating each other and head over shoulders?

We in the Cohaus have dared the experiment "Community living, living and working" initiated by the WOGENO Munich e.G. and show you at this event in a cozy, rural atmosphere in a former convent of the Missionary Dominican Sisters our community in tproject he green.

This is already certain: Community is not hippie commune and group cuddling, but requires above all the ability to enter into dialogue and discussion. Sometimes uncomfortable but absolutely necessary to meet the social challenges and to actively and creatively shape our future with good projects and appropriate synergies.

Event content:
- Panel: Experiences and challenges of working and living in a community.
- We show you still available areas for living and working and the monastery as a whole
- Skill bazaar: exchange and get to know residents and traders
- Vegan buffet and drinks

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    Architecture & Urban planning

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Cohaus Kloster Schlehdorf
Kirchstraße 9
82444 Schlehdorf

Cohaus Schlehdorf is a unique place which combines living, working and learning in the former monastery in Schlehdorf, organised within the cooperative WOGENO München.

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Cohaus Kloster Schlehdorf, Kirchstraße 9, 82444 Schlehdorf

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