"Up-cycling Trash Aesthetics“
Live event

Thursday, 19/5 18:00 - 20:00

"Up-cycling Trash Aesthetics“

  • Vernissage/Finissage
RESPCT.ME Fairstyle Bazaar
Kanalstraße 17, 80538 München

More than up-cycling: Tata Christiane defines post-consumerism aesthetics by transforming trash into fashion pieces of artistic value.

The Berlin fashion label Tata Christiane pursues an unusual approach: it takes a stand against the throwaway society by not only reusing waste materials, but also by upcycling the trashy aesthetics of things produced for throwaway and giving them new charm and value through the artistic way of reuse. Models by Tata Christiane will be on display, including unique pieces the designers have made available to us for the event. At the opening, a presentation is planned that will illustrate the approach with pictures and quotations.
Following the presentation, the clothes can be tried on and bought.

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    Fashion & Textile Design

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RESPCT.ME Fairstyle Bazaar, Kanalstraße 17, 80538 München

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