Dominik Langhammer

Director of Design I Global Oral Care Innovation Procter & Gamble Service GmbH

Dominik Langhammer

Dominik Langhammer is Design Director für Oral Care Innovation at P&G - responsible for the global product portfolio of Oral-B.

After graduating Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, he worked 2005 for an international design consultancy in New York, Barcelona and San Francisco. In 2011 he joined Amazon’s Lab126 in Silicon Valley where he led the design of the „Audio / Smart Home” category. Dominik is the Designer of the Amazon Echo – the first smart speaker with AI-assistant.

After 12 years in the US, he returned 2016 to Germany. As Head of the Oral-B Design studio in Germany, he transforms what is considered an unexciting commodity into beautiful product experiences that improve the health for millions of people every day.


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