MSc, Architecture Marthijn Pool

Founding Partner / Director Space & Matter

MSc, Architecture
Marthijn Pool

Marthijn Pool is architectural entrepreneur based in Amsterdam. In 2009 he joins Tjeerd Haccou and Sascha Glasl in founding Space&Matter. In the development of their Business Ecosystem Marthijn has been responsible for the emergence of multiple new business ventures.
WeBuildhomes is a radical customization company that delivers Architecture at affordable prices.
CrowdBuilding is an Online platform that empowers citizens to take the right to the development of the city into their own hands. BoomBuilds is a PropTech that revolutionises the design-development-prodcution chain of biobased construction. CommonCityDevelopment is our real-estate development company that focusses on conceptualising, design&develop and finance&realize regenerative projects, neighbourhoods and entire city models


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