Wolf Lotter

Autor und Journalist

Wolf Lotter

Wolf Lotter has been an author and journalist since the 1980s, focusing on transformation and innovation.

He got his first engagements as a journalist at the city newspaper „Falter“ in Vienna, soon also at the magazines „trend“ and „profil“. Lotter was, among other things, department head for reports at „New Business,“ editor at „Cash Flow,“ and editor at „profil“ with a focus on digital topics.

In 1998, Lotter became an editor at the Hamburg business magazine „Econy“. In 1999, he was a founding member of the business magazine „brand eins“. He has become known there as a lead essayist. These keynote articles deal with questions of transformation in business and society, but also, and above all, with the human and self-image of our working culture.


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