FJORD Munich Studio Opening & FJORD Trends 2022

Donnerstag, 19.05. 17:00 - 22:00

FJORD Munich Studio Opening & FJORD Trends 2022

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Fjord Munich
Balanstr. 73 Haus 19a, 81541 München

We’d like to invite the Munich Creative community to join us as we celebrate the opening of our FJORD studio in town.

Get to know our designers, researchers and creative technologists in our beautiful new studio.

Featuring a keynote on our FJORD Trends 2022 “The new fabric of life” and a reflection on their possible implications and opportunities for design and designers, the event will include a showcase of our work – from thought leadership to tangible prototypes. Curated and hosted by our team, this is a great chance to connect and exchange!

About the FJORD Trends 2022: We’ve had two years of disruption to the systems on which society is run, and it’s taking its toll. There are challenging times ahead, but we believe there are also great opportunities to design new systems, and new ways of being. This year, the dominant theme throughout these trends is about the need to respond to changes in all relationships. We should define how we—collectively and individually—consciously stitch together positive relationships to create a new fabric of life that’s good for people, business and the planet.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Fjord Trends 2022: The New Fabric of Life

FJORD Munich Studio Opening & FJORD Trends 2022 Video


Nehmen Sie an unserer Umfrage teil und gewinnen Sie einen von drei Tom-Hegen-Bildbänden "Habitat".





Fjord Munich
Balanstr. 73 Haus 19a
81541 München

Fjord, Accenture Song's design and innovation consultancy, has studios in 40+ cities across the globe, where we reimagine people's relationships with the digital and physical world around them.

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Fjord Munich, Balanstr. 73 Haus 19a, 81541 München

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