WYE Design

WYE Design

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Nymphenburgerstr. 145, 80636 München

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Mon-Sat, 10 am to 7 pm

"WYE is the important question of "Why", which stands at the beginning of everything new." Our answer is the responsibility to use our resources carefully and to prevent rapid consumption. Our beginning of everything new is called Neolign®. Neolign is a specially developed wood material that consists of 83% wood fibers - a by-product of industrial wood processing. No trees are felled for WYE furniture and accessories. The entire production process is being conveived in cycles. Neolign is 100% recyclable, hence providing a basis for innovative design without compromising between beautiful and healthy living. In our design shop, you can get a taste of our products and meet the team!



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WYE Design, Nymphenburgerstr. 145, 80636 München

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