Design Beyond Gender: Mode und Roboter als Spiegel der Gesellschaft
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Thursday, 19/5 19:00 - 20:30

Design Beyond Gender: Mode und Roboter als Spiegel der Gesellschaft

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neuland & gestalten gGmbH
Buttermelcherstraße 15, 80469 München

How do we have to design robots if we want to co-exist with them in the future? What update does our understanding of fashion need if we want to keep living in an open society?

Design is a unifying element of two seemingly very different fields: fashion and robots. While fashion design is often surrounded by an air of elegance, robot design is rather associated with images of engineers and labs. Whether and how the design of robots and fashion can mould our society and the welfare of individuals is probably less important.
Yet designs have always reproduced existing social structures and have an impact on how we live. This has been apparent in fashion for thousands of years - for example, when it reflects the changing gender roles. And robots? Everyday robots are still considered a thing of the future by many, but scientists and designers are already exploring gender, characteristics and attributions for robots. As they become more commonplace and take on a yet to be defined role as members of our society, their design will have a strong impact on social life.
How much does gender-dependent or gender-independent design shape our surfaces, environments and applications? And why is this relevant to our welfare in democracy? What is the role of design in a democratic society? And how can we reflect our ideas of an open, diverse and equal society in design?

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