Transforming Identities: Playground
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Wednesday, 18/5 17:00 - 20:00

Transforming Identities: Playground

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Türkenstr. 55–57, 80799 München

Why do we want to return to normal, now of all times? Why do we yearn for what we already know, when in fact the future is so fascinating? A workshop.

The megatrends of neo-ecology and digitisation are putting companies across all industries to a severe test. Keeping the current business running and developing new ones feels like changing a tire on the highway - at full speed. The transformation to a post-fossil digital age demands nothing less from us than to reinvent the world. That's what makes these times we live in so exciting. But also uncertain, because we don't know where it will all lead. And that is precisely why we need orientation to find the places of yearning that MCBW 2022 wants to show us.

Who will provide the answers to the challenges of our time? More and more, it is companies and brands that are setting an example and can even evolve into role models. We want to playfully develop the places of yearning that companies and brands can show their customers, employees and shareholders and thus create a new level of experience and relationship, a new quality of exchange and dialogue in three parallel workshops - over a period of two hours. Afterwards, we will compile a shared vision of the future based on these three scenarios.

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Türkenstr. 55–57
80799 München

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