Dipl. Pflegepädagogin Judith Ebel

1. Vorsitzende Care for Innovation – Innovation pflegen e. V.

Dipl. Pflegepädagogin
Judith Ebel

Judith Ebel is a registered paediatric nurse with many years of experience in paediatric cardiological intensive care. Having a passion for lifelong learning, Judith studied nursing science and adult education at Humboldt University in Berlin and is currently consulting employees in long-term care facilities, on nursing science topics. It is her mission to give nurses' more self-confidence by increasing their expertise. Which is why she created an app, called SuperNurse®, using an innovative gamification approach.
Judith is also CEO and founding member of Care for Innovation - Innovation pflegen e.V., an association of young digital healthcare Start-ups in Germany that aims for a digital transformation of our health care system.


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